Metro Lolitas Group on FB ... Come join us!

Hi yah all! Just wanted to share that a sister community, Metro Lolitas, has been created in response to the influx of members joining here in Charm City but closer to the DMV. This particular group's hopes are to encourage more meet-ups & related activities for those of us who may be bound by Metro. Please understand that this group is merely an extension of Charm City & no (negative) separation of any kind is being encouraged. We can all still share & share alike ^^

Any & all are welcomed and I hope to create the same welcoming & accepting feel as Charm City.
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Hello, I'm new here.

I just moved back to Alexandria, VA (I'm close to DC) from being in Italy and before that, Norfolk and VA Beach. Being married to the military moves me around a lot. I would love to get more into the fashion. I'm new so I don't have any friends in the area. I would love to make some. I did my first dress up at Nekocon this year. Hello everyone.

Oh and I also own BJDs ^_^

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Nice to meet you all! ^.^

Great day ladies! My name is Imani K. Brown. I'm an artistic (everyday, bittersweet & ((usu)) natural) lolita in the DC area. I've had live journal for a while and recently joined the communities to meet more lollita friends and become more active.

I tattoo by trade on DC and currently working on my tattoo & kawaii lifestyle art brand , Indian Pussy Brand. I want more people to (at the very least) know how wonderful lolita is. I know that sounds corny, but 'tis true ^.^
My favorite slice of life is probably dressing full Lolita some weekends and tattooing ^.^

Anywhoo, here's a couple flicks in some of my favorite Lolita looks and I hope we can be friends.

Very nice to meet you all >^.*<

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Colorful Paris Windows

Japanese Street Fashion Picnic and Photo Shoot Out

This was cross posted to all the attendees, models, fashionistas, and photographers! :) This event is open to ALL street fashion styles not just lolitas.

The girls of the Charm City Lolitas and the Photographers of the Baltimore, DMV area would like to get together for a wonderful and casual picnic and shoot out. I've broadened the shoot to Japanese Street Fashion in general since that's pretty all encompassing. Most of the girls will be in Japanese Lolita, this is not the Fetish Lolita! It is a Japanese Fashion derived from the Japanese 1980's take of Victorian Era clothing. Confused yet?

Outfits for lolita mainly consist of knee length cupcake shaped skir
ts, knee high or over the knee socks, doll like shoes, lots of bows and lace, hats, bonnets, head bows, etc. Themes for the outfits vary from extreme gothic in black with iron gate prints to tooth decay sweet in pinks with candy designs. As well as guro for gore, typically an all white outfit splattered in blood, classic which is a lot more subdued, steampunk and the list goes on. Other non lolita fashion sub genres that might pop up are elegant gothic aristocrat, ganuro, manba, and decora. Example can be found here: and more specific lolita can be found here:

Interested yet?

Now the girls (and a few boys maybe) aren't all used to modeling, though some might be, we are used to getting our pictures taken for the outfits but most will probably not have a lot of modeling background and might need some encouragement or instruction. I only stress that you dont ask them to do anything vulgar or profane unless they want too (which I doubt). Lolita prides itself on being demure and pretty, not skimpy and whorish.

The area I've chosen is Brighton Dam Azalea Gardens and though the garden wont be blooming, the fall colors of the trees should look amazing! The azalea garden is situated on the banks of the Patuxent River, by Brighton Dam (built in 1942). The 5 acre garden has over 20,000 azaleas and is provided by the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission. There is a large stone "deck" in the center of the maze like garden. Across the main road from the garden is a gravel parking lot. There is no public transportation that I'm aware of.

I'm planning to have all the girls meet at the parking lot around 11am. I'm going to tell them to bring picnic stuff since they're more used to event meet ups then photo shoot meet ups, so I'm blending the two! Its going to be very casual, feel free to shoot while we're picnicking or run around the garden with a few of us. Be open and understanding.

I believe most girls will be elated with full body shots, since 95% of their rapture is about their outfits, so this will be a very fashion heavy shoot. Though I'm sure they would LOVE some very nice portraiture shots and head shots. ^_^

I'd like to open this up to other models not in the Japanese Fashion community, but I just urge you to think and research your outfit and fashion thoroughly. I hate to say it, but the girls I'm bringing will possibly snob their noses at half-assed outfits or scantily misinterpreted ideas of the fashion that they fight so hard to keep out of the fetish idea front. If interest is expressed, I do have a few extra items in my closet I can open up to one or two more models. ^_^

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Email me at or post to our facebook event

Meetup planning

Hey yall I just flew up here from texas and Im going to be visiting for the whole summer, I was wondering if anybody wanteed to plan a meetup! im in richmond (were i was born, too see relatives and such) and I thought that mabye we could have a teaparty or picnic lunch of somekind while im here. I would love to meet new lolis in the metro area and create some great summer memories, does anyone have any suggestions on what they would like too see or what time of the season we should go? I was thinking that mabye even seeing the fireworks would be fun!  

Possible Meetup?

Hey Metro-lolis! I'm new to the community and would really like to meet some of you, so I was wondering if we could have a meet up. I would be willing to host, but since I've never even been to a meet up I don't know where to start. I was thinking we could go to this really cute cupcake shop called Something Sweet and then walk over to a park near by for a picnic. You would have to bring your own money for cupcakes and it would be nice if people could bring extra picnic blankets. We could also have a mini swap if you guys wanted to. I was thinking we could do this September 3 or 11. If anyone has other ideas or would like to take over running the meet up please message me or comment.